About us

Engadina Luminosa,

Luminosa De Natalerose from a woman’s passion and curiosity for a magical place which has totally conquered her heart: Engadine.

Luminosa De Natale, a serious and competent professional journalist, fell in love with Engadine and decided in 2008 to start a new business as a real estate consultant, specializing herself on in the Upper Engadine countries from Saint Moritz to its surrounding spellbound villages.

Helping others to fulfil their dreams: to find a haven in Engadine. This is the task that Luminosa De Natale wants to achieve using her experience, passion and expertise.

She offers highly qualified services in the complex research for an ideal solution and strives to interpret the wishes of her customers and to accompany them at every turn in the search of the appropriate house or the appropriate apartment. A close search based on mutual trust and transparency.

Maloia, Sils Maria, Silvaplana and Surlej, Champfer, St.Moritz, Celerina, Pontresina, Samedan, Bever, La Punt, Madulain  up to Zuoz and Schanf, these are the towns and villages where Engadina Luminosa works to find the right home for that special "person" and the right person for that particular "home”.

New or resale apartments, chalets, old Engadine houses, new projects and buildings for sale to foreigners and Swiss persons.

It’s not a matter of a simple search of a property, but the deep desire to match a home with a person in a deep relationship, a person who knows how to make it live and give it a soul and who expresses its character, feelings and emotions.

Accuracy, speed and availability are the basis of  Engadina Luminosa’s real estate consulting activity.